Catnip Acres Adoption Agreement

The adopting family (hereafter known as ADOPTER) acknowledges that it is responsible for providing a safe, secure, affectionate and healthy environment for the cat. The ADOPTER agrees to the conditions in this adoption agreement in order to adopt the cat.


Pets Name Sex
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*-In accordance with its policies, Catnip Acres hereby agrees to accept the return of this cat at any time for any reason. The ADOPTER will have a 30 day trial period of adjustment, during which time the cat may be returned to Catnip Acres and the full adoption fee will be refunded. The refund check will be mailed to the ADOPTER by Catnip Acres Treasurer upon the return of the cat, veterinarian records and other personal items belonging to the cat.

*-If the ADOPTER wishes to relinquish custody of the cat after the 30 day trial period, the ADOPTER agrees to return the cat to Catnip Acres with the knowledge that the adoption fee will not be refunded and that the cat cannot be sold or the ownership transferred to any other person, business or organization.

*-The agreement will be in effect as of the date on this form and will continue until the ADOPTER notifies Catnip Acres of the death of the cat. Notification of the cat’s death, repossession of the cat by Catnip Acres or the return of the cat to Catnip Acres for any reason will be sufficient cause to terminate this agreement.

*-The ADOPTER accepts the cat “AS IS”, Catnip Acres makes no representation or warranties concerning the cat. Catnip Acres does not warrant the temperament or behavior of any cat, nor is the cat warranted to be free of genetic defects. The selection and adoption of this cat is based on the ADOPTERS’ own observations and judgments. Further Catnip Acres is not liable for any acts of the cat while it is living with the ADOPTER. While Catnip Acres makes every effort to ensure a healthy cat, we recommend that you introduce your new cat to your veterinarian of choice within the first 30 days of adoption.

*-Catnip Acres requests a donation of $__________, to assist in defraying the expense of medical and personal care of the cat prior to adoption.

Further conditions of this agreement are:

Spaying and neutering is mandatory. If the cat is not of sufficient age/weight (3lbs and or 16 weeks of age) at the time of adoption, Catnip Acres will make the necessary arrangements. Adoptions can be made if the ADOPTER wishes to use a veterinarian not affiliated with Catnip Acres with a rebate reimbursement.

The cat will be housed as an indoor family pet.

Nutritious food and fresh water will be provided at all times.

The ADOPTER will provide the cat with all necessary vaccinations, including rabies and yearly immunizations. In the event of sickness, the cat must be provided with veterinarian care.

A personal identification tag with the ADOPTERS name and telephone number must be placed on the cats collar.

The ADOPTER agrees to notify Catnip Acres of any change of address or telephone number for the duration of this agreement. This information is essential to maintain the microchip database. The microchip will identify your cat for its entire life. If your cat is lost it is very important to have your correct information on file.

If the cat cannot be kept by the ADOPTER, Catnip Acres must be notified immediately! The cat is to be returned to Catnip Acres. The cat cannot be passe4d to another individual or family.

If the cat is lost, notify Catnip Acres immediately. Catnip Acres will assist you in locating the cat.

Catnip Acres’ policy is to place the cats as family pets only, not for any other purpose. If this condition is violated, Catnip Acres’ legal representation will pursue the matter.

I understand and agree that Catnip Acres reserves the right to reclaim the cat if the above conditions are not met and that Catnip Acres may make a follow up visit at a mutually agreed convenient time to confirm that all conditions have been satisfied.

The ADOPTER by placing his/her signature below signifies that he/she has read and understands this adoption agreement and agrees to be legally bound by it. Failure to abide will result in legal action.


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